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Priestess Desire

Priestess Desire stands tall and graceful at 6”. Her posture is straight, and her countenance is proud. Natural, long and thick brown hair crowns her head. She is fit and strong with a feminine muscular figure. Her sharp, brown eyes are keen and perceptive and will see deep into your soul. 


Mistress Dee Ville

I'm an extremely athletic, creative,strict but  playful, Domme with plenty of experience, I enjoy taking my time tormenting and playing with my subs, slaves and sissies in all sorts of scenarios


Mistress Marita

I am highly regarded for my skillset, empathic nature and of course, my authenticity and passion for what I do.


I have been fascinated by BDSM for many years before becoming a Dominatrix.


I do this for my passion for domination and yearning to show my inner Goddess to my submissive pups.


Master Lexxx

The Master is a good looking, unique, intelligent and elegant Pro-Dom of experience and by any measure He stands out in a crowd. As a Dominant, He is a strong believer in the formal Protocols of BDSM

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Mistress Euryale

In a typical BDSM session, I create a healthy, safe and consensual space, in which I accompany my subjects or my patients in a space-time where all fantasies - of their submission - are allowed, as discussed beforehand. From an impermanent relationship arises a changing complicity; the barometer of domination/submission relationships being exciting and infinite

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Mistress Kalyss Mercury

As a first child to an upper class family descending from the French aristocracy, Ms. Mercury learned how to rule and lead others early on.


Miss Penelope Dreadful

I enjoy administering discipline as a reward and as a punishment. I take pride in my exacting, precise and percussive discipline, an over-the-knee spanking will leave your cheeks glowing rosy red.

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Professional Sir

He views his role as teaching men in the arts of submission and sexuality. He can work in a variety of intensities, from soft and sensual  to extremely hard punishment – helping you find and and define your limits. The men he trains often comment on how he makes them feel at ease; they enjoy pleasing their Sir with their service


Mistress Tahlia

Mistress Tahlia is a BDSM Mistress in Sydney. A Dominatrix and switch, Mistress Tahlia has many years’ experience behind her. 


"I was interested in the way that pain could translate to a sexual state and asked the very young German Mistress for corporal punishment including the cane."


Mist Maze

I appreciate a polite introduction. Describe yourself within reasonable detail and clearly state your motive.  If you are a submissive interested in arranging an appointment you may inquire on this contact page. Briefly mention what you wish to explore in and if it catches my eye I will send you further instructions.


Mistress Honey

I am to be addressed as Mistress, Mistress Honey, or Goddess.
Deviations will not be tolerated.
Calling me by any other name will result in immediate dismissal.


I truly enjoy Impact Play, Corporal Punishment, Pet Play, and Foot Worship/Domination.


Mistress Ophelia Fatale

Mistress Ophelia Fatale is an Exclusive Dominatrix facilitating fetishes and fantasies for a careful selection of slaves and submissive in Brisbane and Gold Coast, Australia.


Jaiden Lillith

Welcome to the world of Jaiden Lillith


Mistress/Master, ProDom/me, Shibari artist – living a life in exploration of sexual and social freedom, philosophy, human nature, BDSM and eroticism. I offer sessions, appointments, lessons and performances to all who inquire respectfully.


Dominatrix Alison

Dominatrix Alison is an internationally touring Pro-Domme and lifestyle Dominant. A sensual sadist with a penchant for sophisticated psychological play, Dominatrix Alison is a formidable force for both new and experienced submissives


Anne O'Nomis

Historian, Sexuality Educator, Speaker and Authoress.  Known as the 'elusive authoress' on the history of the Dominatrix, Ms Anne has a Masters degree from one of the UK's leading universities, UCL (University College London), and is winner of the Auckland University prize for Legal History writing. 


Mistress Advisor


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